Returns & Exchange Policy

Clause 1 Circumstances in which Returns and/or Exchanges are allowed
1.1 We permit returns and/or exchanges in the following instances:
1.1.1 The incorrect product has been delivered to you.
1.1.2 The product has the incorrect size or specifications.
Clause 2 When a Return and/or Exchange needs to be initiated
2.1 Returns and/or exchanges need to be initiated within five days of delivery of
the product having been delivered to you.
Clause 3 The choices you have upon Returning the Product
3.1 When a product is returned to us you can:
3.1.1 Have the product replaced/exchanged.
Clause 4 How a Return and/or Exchange is initiated
4.1 All returns and/or exchanges shall be initiated by means of an email sent to setting out:
4.1.1 the reason for the return.
Clause 5 Condition of the Product Returned
5.1 In returning the product to us, the following shall apply. The product needs to
5.1.1 Undamaged.
5.1.2 Unused.
5.1.3 In the original packaging.
5.1.4 Packaged and wrapped correctly and safely by you.
Clause 6 Manner of Return
6.1 We will require you to return the product to our offices at the following
address: 133 8Th Street, Orange Grove, Jhb
Clause 7 What will happen once a Product is returned
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7.1 Once returned, and subject to a product inspection, you will be given the
option to replace the product.
Clause 8 Product Inspection
8.1 Once returned, and prior to accepting such return, we will be permitted to
inspect the product.
8.2 Should the product in our reasonable discretion not be suited to be returned,
we shall not be obliged to accept such return.
Clause 9 Excluded Products
9.1 The following product(s) shall be excluded entirely from the above returned
9.1.1 A branded product that has been approved by the purchaser and is in good
order as per the promise of Kathisa Promotions.